• The forum source parsing and rendering system is very particular when it comes to special characters and more so what the character after the special character is. Simple mark-up - avoiding a real mark-up - has a price... though pretty smart: in 'old fashioned' language syntax / tokenizing blanks after a symbol was required to keep the parsing simple... so do it here too:

    Add a blank *after* the comment (#) sign character.

    (Escaping with a leading backslash works some times too... as after between single asterisks does, even within a triple-asterisks streak... ;-\ )

    (IMNSHO anyway a good and gentle practice... for the - human - code reader... we may be nerds, but we are not machines after all. - If I'm not in resource constraints, I write code so I and other humans can read the code easily and grok it right away... and leave the crappy work to the machine, that's for what I have them for.)

    And if you want to get rid of the 'random' syntax coloring pack the stuff into a multi-line js string , like this:

    interface bcm2835gpio
     # RPi Zero/v1 interface
     # bcm2835gpio_peripheral_base 0x20000000
     # bcm2835gpio_speed_coeffs 113714 28
     # Raspi1 BCM2835: (700Mhz)
     # bcm2835gpio_peripheral_base 0x20000000
     # bcm2835gpio_speed_coeffs 113714 28
     # Raspi2 BCM2836 (900Mhz):
     # bcm2835gpio_peripheral_base 0x3F000000
     # bcm2835gpio_speed_coeffs 146203 36
     # Raspi3 BCM2837 (1200Mhz):
    bcm2835gpio_peripheral_base 0x3F000000
    bcm2835gpio_speed_coeffs 194938 48
     # Pins
    bcm2835gpio_swd_nums 25 24
    bcm2835gpio_srst_num 18
    reset_config srst_only srst_push_pull

    (Sorry, my bad,... it - color coding - is not random, it follows the rules... But: I wish the triple back tick - ``` - would have something to tell what semantics should be applied for what is triple back ticked... may be there is something possible, but I just don't know about; for example, ` ` ` js or ` ` ` text as standalone line after a blank line - of course, all without blanks between the individual chars - would tell the rendering what rules to apply... and being no rules -just plain, pre-formatted text - would just be good enough. JS (js) could be default with no need to say something; text or plain or pre for 'just leave it alone' would do just great... additional attributes could be about font: fixed, size, color,... like css short specs: fixed 1.0 blue on grey. - 1.0em rather than 11px).


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