• I created a separate conversation - Powering / control power of sensors / peripherals by Espruino pins - to focus on this subject and keep this reference or pointer conversation as concise as possible. I like to put one or few liners here with a link to the full blown, detailed conversation. [Edited... which explains why following two posts may make you feel you missed something...].

  • Thanks; that makes sense and its handy to know the max current; I've posted on the Seeedstudio board as well so hopefully they will come back with the max current drain. I hadn't thought of using multiple pins; good idea.

    And I had no idea that it was important to set the pins to input before powering off, so glad I asked here before continuing!

    Just checking, do I do that with something like:

    pinMode("D1", "output");
    pinMode("D1", "input_pulldown");

    as per the Digital Dice tutorial? Specifically, should it be input_pulldown or input_pullup (Sorry, I'm sure you were clear in line 4 of your answer to someone with a bit more electronics knowledge than I have!)?




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