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  • Hi Matt,

    I'm also having trouble with the limited range of the IR led. But the 2 meters you achieved with an external IR led are enough for me. Can you give some more detail of what you've done. You just took the IR led from a remote and inserted directly? On which pins? How do you call it? Just Puck.IR()?


  • Wed 2019.12.18

    Hello @user106855 it is unlikely that Matt would respond as activity in the forum ended (right click on his name to view profile) in August of 2017 and this thread is three years old.

    There have been many firmware updates since, along with several tutorial examples and of course there are the many implementations with different discreet device types. The setup in question is too vague to start to offer ideas at this point.

    My suggestion would be to start a unique new thread, with a title you own, laying out the design requirement. Post the links to the tutorial(s) being used, the datasheet of the discreet device and/or upload images of the setup currently in use. Others will be able to quickly offer their assistance.

    While waiting your thread, peruse the forum by typing ir into the forum search field, and also into the main web site page search field. You may find ideas there, as their are ten to twenty examples in each.

    I have many observations I have seen over the years that I shall add to that original thread.


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