• Fri 2019.12.13

    Well, this has been buggin' me all day. Until Damian responds. . . .

    Making an assumption that the power on cycle until shut down is around two seconds, it would not be possible to attempt the suggestion I outlined in #42 post. 'without any code running reset(1); save();'

    In this particular situation, the Pixl is never alive long enough to attach to and replace the existing code that was previously saved.

    As the parts are still attached as when they first ran a week ago, the board pair ran for a full day, save() was then executed and on re-power up, the failed condition now exists.

    Before any further hardware mods are made, it is time to look at the EXACT COMPLETE SORUCE that was last uploaded, unedited (exception - overwrite p/w with 'x''s). As a suggestion I made a while back indicated that the init mechanism wasn't properly being called before the save, it is quite possible that the 8266 never gets the proper start up code or is stuck in a setInterval() that never exits. Should WiFi be turned on continuously, (more than 50msec) the regulator will never keep up.

    Proving this however will mean having to separate the 8266 from the Pixl, either by cutting the trace or removing the board. Then after the Pixl boots, use reset and save to start with a cleared memory. Then apply a solder dob across the cut trace to re-apply power to the 8266. Reboot and see if both stay active with absolutely no code running. The simplest next step is to first revisit the code. (and as it is Friday the 13th)

    @DamianMontero, please post the entire file.


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