• The patient survived the surgery. Of course I cut the ESP8266 out with a cutter and then did a lot of desoldering work to remove the pins.

    Luckily the NodeConference badge survived and thanks to amazon a new ESP01S is attached to the back. and it worked on the first try.

    @Gordon I'm using the "ESP8266WiFi_0v25" module as the documentation suggets. I don't think the Wifi module worked (but I don't remember if I tried or if it was with last very which had it plugged in wrong anyways)
    BUT my question is. should I just be able to use the Wifi?

    the "ESP8266WiFi_0v25" module doesn't seem to be happy hitting an HTTPS endpoint which I believe the EspruinoWifi can just fine. Is it the Module I'm using?

    I'll publish my code here and on github the second we sold the HTTPS part because to get HTTP I simply go through a personal host that I'm not confortable sharing with the world and having 30,000 of you hit it all at once.

    Here's the patient after.

    So of course I built a Bitcoin Price tracker: