I guess my problem is fixed and my Pixl.js badge hopefully will survive the new surgery

  • Mon 2019.12.02


    We'll I'll be . . . never did it occur to me, that a board revision had taken place! (re #5 #9)

    @DamianMontero we should all learn from this. Undertaking projects from other sites may have a bit of risk of success, and as Gordon points out, we then have no control over the documentation written by others. It's unfortunate that the revisions hadn't changed on the Espruino web site yet, but with the current Bangle.js Kickstater in full motion probably delayed the updates timely.

    'when the Pixl.js is on I measure 0.5 volts. AM I USING MY MULTIMETER RIGHT?'

    Does this now need more explanation? As the chip wasn't wired to VCC correctly (not your direct doing/intention) unpredictable results, the 0.5V was likely residual voltage over several internal parallel transistor/diode junctions and close to the 0.7V we might expect. (can add more if needed)

    'and my Pixl.js badge hopefully will survive the new surgery'

    Are you in need of tips/suggestions for part extraction in order to alleviate the least amount of possible damage to the traces on the Pixl? (not sure of level of de-soldering expertise)

    With regard to the future Pixl, had it been considered to solder in a female socket, or female header strips, such that the 8266 could be just pressed in?

    Taking a quick glance, attempting to take into account the previous layout pins configuration along with being upside down, It is quite possible that both chips/boards survived. Just depends on how much time/effort as an offset to cost to make them 'behave into functionality' again. Concentrate on not applying too much heat to the copper traces on the Pixl, as Gordon points out is the most precious board to protect at this point. Pins and time to de-solder are inexpensive at this point and are part of the (?fun? of learning) experience on the road to expertise. If done delicately, you may find the 8266 survived. Wouldn't that be a hoot!

    Be patient. Take your time. Should you desire tips, I could compile a list. . . .


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