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  • Thanks Both, I've ordered a MDBT42Q so will give it a go

    'i been messing about with arduino for years
    ' You don't have to apologize, we'll still welcome ya ;-)

    I didn't mean that but He he

  • Wed 2019.11.13

    'I didn't mean that but He he'

    Hey @user104759, both our responses could be interpreted differently. I had to re-read and re-think your response, and I actually 'then understood' why it was worded the way it was! ;-)

    My intent was that as you had been developing in a compiled environment for such a long time, that you shouldn't find the need to apologize, now that you have discovered the word of interpreted development. Was trying to keep things light and humorous, but it appears that wording can be mis-leading.

    Hope you chose the breakout board version of the MDBT42Q with all the available circuit board through holes for wires or headers.

    I'm sure you'll appreciate the speed of development after a few tutorials. Thank you for supporting Espruino with the purchase of an official supported board and, . . . Welcome aboard!!


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