• Hello, I am a newer developer and pardon me if this sounds like a stupid question, but I want to get espuirno working on devices that are not espruino boards like the DWM1001C module from Decawave. I am not even sure where to start to doing that on my own and being able to contribute to it. Im a web developer and mainly just know JavaScript but don't mind getting deeper in to C when needed, like in this situation. Can anyone let me know what the process of creating support for a new Module that does not already have Espruino on it?

    Answers for questions like

    Do I need to wrap functionality in all the API's for modules on the board?
    How to understand the github project as a JavaScript developer?
    What are the steps to get espruino working on this board?

    I also teach a Javascript class as my local annex and wanted to expand in to greater detail the ability to interface with different technologies with a easy to understand and learn language like Javascript.


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