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  • Mon 2019.10.28

    Thank you @Tesseract-Developer for posting. Nothing stands out as an obvious cause and pains me, as I thought I had identified what was going on. To prove this, I attempted to update to 2v04 but that (my flash attempt) didn't go as expected.

    Now I'm without a BLE device to further assist short term. I can continue to provide some debugging steps as we still need a bit more information. Others may be holding off too, as they also are unable to provide assistance without the info I've previously requested.

    fr #15 'Does entering dump(); in the WebIDE Left-Hand console panel, display the same functions as in above file? (e.g. was the file actually fetched and parsed?)'

    In #15 I inquired about the results dump() so that we could decide whether the WebIDE is configured correctly. Please post.

    Would you also comment on this line from #15 (#10) also:

    ' I attempted to simply change the "NFCvCard" to "NFCTag" '
    'Could this now be bad information perhaps?'

    I am purposely holding off on my testing results until I have that needed detail. Under some conditions, I was able to get near identical error messages, with the results of #21 and me now not being able to test with the newly flashed version, leave me with a bit of doubt. Still some debugging steps we should take.


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