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  • It'll be drawing under 40mA...

    This is a good average for high drawing with output pins just driving input pins with only (very) high input impedance of other things.

    If you though drive lower impedance inputs / loads - and LEDs (can) already fall in this category, or even driving other devices' power as done in this application about GPS powered by Espruino pin(s) - you may rethink -and do current budgeting.

    Taking a look at the chip's specs at­F401xD.pdf , section 6.2 Absolute maximum ratings (p. 58+), Table 12. Current characteristics (p. 59), the chip can draw max 160mA, with I/O pins driving capabilities is 25mA, but sink and source by I/O pins combined is not to exceed 120mA (to stay within voltage spec levels for solid high and low and not to burn up the STM32 chip).


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