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  • Thank you for your answers! I hadn't found the 2018 badge on github, only the 2017 one (which wasn't marked 2017).
    I have now downloaded the zips of both projects to my PC, with the aim of making pdfs of the 2018 one. I dont use Eagle, but I'll import them to Altium, which I know how to use.
    Do you think I could then upload the pdfs to GitHub?

  • Mon 2019.10.07

    'Do you think I could then upload the pdfs to GitHub?'

    Was the intent to include in the Espruino documentation or into a personal account? While most supporting documentation is welcome, not all might be appropriate. What specifically was to be included in the .pdf mentioned? Post a correlated page link that might clue us in to the content intended to be part of the solution. Please explain.


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