• @Gordon I appreciate you being very open about this.

    1. As for VSCode, I might be actually able to help here - been doing some VSC plugins some time ago. I'm aware about espruino npm but so far I was not able to install it without errors on any environment - which was discouraging, but I will give it a shot again (I raised issues on github already).

    2. I understand your approach to ESP given amount of effort needed. On the other hand, I can't shake feeling that lack of good suport for most commonly used boards is significantly decreasing potential users and more users is better community, better support - basically more noise around the project. Maybe a good idea would be to design next Espruino board around ESP32 (you can still sell own board and at the same time improve ESP support) - new ESP32 WROVER looks like solid chip for "heavier" frameworks.

    Became a patreon today - and very happy to help with VSC plugin (unfortunately within very limited time).



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