• @Robin, @hansamann is aware of that... I confidently assume, because he has puck specific forum posts since quite a while ago. In this conversation he asks about an issue connecting to MDBT42 (on puck, pixl or plain MDBT42) from a raspi using python 2.7 / 3.5.

    @hansamann, I had some heavy exposure to python in the apple heart study in 2018, but that was 2.7. Did not venture into 3.5. From the error it looks you pass a string (command[0:20]). A string looks to me usually as a byte (array) object, but with uni-code other than 8-bit, it may be a word (16-bit word) object. May be you have to pass a 8-bit byte array? ...the 20 first chars as 8-bit of this command string as a byte object? - ...my take from this stack trace...


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