• Please ignore the $ at the end of that ESPTOOL.PY line. it's just me trying to copy and paste what was on my command line. It's the full name of the .bin full file.

  • Sun 2019.06.23

    It is unfortunate that your experience with the forum editor hasn't been as smooth as you would have liked. I too, have accidentally hit the edit link while attempting to 'un-preview' which appears to be what happened in #10 during an edit.

    But then it must have been realized that the code block inside #7 could have been re-edited:

    re #11: 'Please ignore the $ at the end'

    For what it's worth, just this last week, I came across the same leading NodeMCU requirement in post:


    having me bewildered for a while. I have wondered and it appears that in order to utilize the companion ESP32 boards, that this prefix allows for the original source to stay as one unit through mapping, rather than having multiple source copies to maintain under version control.

    It wouldn't have been as much an issue with an Authentic Espruino board, but I'm sure the few that labor on the port for the ESP32 are doing their best, as their freely made contributions and their precious time permits.


    'A new machine. (a 4th one) and ANOTHER usb cable.'

    Curious, please do tell of this thing you call a 'new machine' which camp did this fall under? Win/Linux/Mac/Cray I? Any pics? . . . . Puzzling, why another USB cable? A suspect purchase frustration not getting it all working perhaps?