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    Thank you.

    That file seems to have its contents commented out.

    Backing up to the parent and taking a look, I found:


     * Initialize the hardware SPI device.
     * On the ESP8266, hardware SPI is implemented via a set of pins defined
     * as follows:
     * | GPIO   | NodeMCU | Name  | Function |
     * |--------|---------|-------|----------|
     * | GPIO12 | D6      | HMISO | MISO     |
     * | GPIO13 | D7      | HMOSI | MOSI     |
     * | GPIO14 | D5      | HSCLK | CLK      |
     * | GPIO15 | D8      | HCS   | CS       |

    I might be getting breakout board pin reference D8 mixed up with ESP8266 pin label D15 as:


    But, if I attempt to return that code to either the GPIOxx or removing the 'NodeMCU' prefix, I'm greeted with:

    ERROR: Cannot change pins used for flash chip

    Conclusion: The only syntax available means is to use the prefix 'NodeMCU' for the pin assignments. This also agrees with the Arduino table, second to last image in #1 above.
    I'm also guessing here that the 'D' prefix for the ESP8266 pin, is also the GPIOxx number and not the breakout board silkscreen pin number. e.g. D15 == GPIO15 but is silk screened D8

    Now, back to why the external hardware isn't responding to the code running on the D1. . . .


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