• It looks like when reading battery voltage via analogRead(D3) on DS-D6 fitness tracker the power consumption after first such call rises by 70uA i.e. from ~44 uA to ~112 uA.

    The solution to get back to original power draw is setting the pin to input with disconnected buffer like it is after reset. It can be done by calling


    as per documentation and the power is back to where it was. However I did not find Espruino way e.g. something like D3.mode("off"). Is there such a way? If I set D3.mode("input") then it is still not enough and


    returns 0 and the power draw is still higher instead of 2 which means disconected pin.

    Also when thinking more about power draw I did not find a way to turn off SPI1 and I2C1 either, there is no unsetup() like with Serial1 (still don't know if it is problem or not, more measurings in various states will come)


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