• [@JumJum] ... Any change like 3 SPI would cause changes which are not easy to do...

    because Espruino has also the information about the pins that can be used with certain signals of the Hardware SPI.

    See the information about the multiplexers that define the hardware connectivity possibilities for timers/counters at http://www.espruino.com/STM32+Peripheral­s, a page about how Low-level STM32 Peripheral access works, and can be used to count signal changes on an input pin with timer/counter registers when the (Espruino JS) application software implementation with setWatch(...) is toooooooo slow / the pulses come to fast / frequency is too high.

    The multiplexers are like switchboards that 'connect' (Espruino firmware) program controlled thru these multiplexers the hardware pin with the hardware SPI register. The restriction comes that not all pins can connect to all hardware peripherals (registers).... and the differences are


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