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  • @Gordon, congrats... a lot of things moved in and up...

    EDIT: Video Chat Recording link at­480/

    Details regarding Removal:

    Non-WIZnet build meant usually a CC3000 build. So what is going on there? three builds:

    • non-Wiznet, non-CC3000 build
    • Wiznet build - without vector font on Original board
    • CC3000 build - with(?) vector font on Original board

    I assume with the planned option of easy self-build of custom builds with custom required components - as announced to be presented in Patreon
    Video Chat, Thurs 2nd May 20:00 UK (19:00 GMT, 12:00 PDT) - reduction of prebuilt builds is not an issue. - * SEE LINK OF RECORDING ABOVE *


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