• @Gordon, it would be pretty trivial to switch to a different macro, ie JS_SPI_COUNT, in the espruino files (4 in src folder, 4 in the 'targets/stm32' branch. Although, I'm not sure if stm32_it.c needs to be converted or not). The question is, where is platform_config.h generated as this would have to change as well.

    @fanoush is correct, the I2C or SPI code could also verify if spi1_initialised or the i2c equivalent is set when trying to init the other and simply reject it. Multi-I2C would be useful where you have addressing conflicts or a mix of slow and fast devices.

    @fanoush also brings up an relevant point WRT concurrency. I had a case where using EasyDMA was essential for performance on another project and I considered it in the 'too hard to do' on Espruino and stayed with the nordic tools instead. My current project doesn't require that performance, but, without that option, I'm not sure I'd take up that quest on future projects if I was the only one taking advantage of it. It's ironic that Espruino is probably more inclined to use the asynchronous interface with callbacks than other platforms.


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