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  • Thanks @fanoush, I've pushed 3 to 4, looks like working.

    When I build a new FW, it prints this:

    Testing espruino_2v01.108_nrf51822.elf for NRF51822DK
    STORAGE: 258048 -> 262144
    CODE: 110592 -> 247628
    Code area Fits before Storage Area
    GEN espruino_2v01.108_nrf51822.hex
    Merging SoftDevice

    Does it mean that I still can allocate even more space for storage? E.g. tune that 3 number so storage starts with 247628 (is it address right?)? If so, looks like I can get roughly another 10k (258048 - 247628 = 10420)? Cheers


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