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  • nrf51288 has only 256KB of flash (and no EEPROM) so even the Espruino build had to be cut down on features so Flash and Storage modules are not present. See e.g.­ge "Note: This is not available in devices with low flash memory"

    I'd suggest to get nRF52832 for Espruino instead, it is better and not that much expensive, there are e.g very cheap <$5 nrf52 modules on aliexpress (like this one posibly with this adapter) . Or the DS-D6 smartwatch is currently $6.99 on gearbest and you also get battery+charger and display with the nrf52 chip :-) So IMO there in no reason to get nrf51 today if you target Espruino unless your needs are very, very basic. Arduino might be better fit for nrf51.


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