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  • Yeah - reflash the board - disconnect, put espruino into bootloader mode (hold btn1 while resetting), connect again, put the URL into the flasher in the IDE, and tell it to flash. Then disconnect, reset espruino to leave bootloader mode, and you're ready to connect and play with the new software.
    (to be clear - when I say "disconnect" and "connect", I'm talking about the connect/disconnect button in the IDE, not physically disconnecting it).

    The last "simple" component to test is the light sensor. Does this mean I'm not able to watch the pin for changes? rather would need to setInterval and check the value periodically?

    If/when I get around to it, I'll test out using an LM339 to convert analog value to digital pulse if it's above/below a certain value (either fixed with resistors, or from one of the DAC pins), and if I can make it work, i'll write it up.


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