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  • As mentioned some days ago, I've created a simple dictionary for Espruino Extensions in github.
    Some extension are there, mainly for testing. They are left over from some hacking months/years ago.
    An interface to this is added in actual version of firmware tool.

    In a next step I would like to do something similiar for modules.
    Options comin to my mind are

    • upload from local computer, that would support self written modules. This is an easy part and is already implemented in a not fully tested version
    • use modules list fromĀ­/tree/master/modules. This is a short list without minified files but with md files
    • use modules from Thats a very long list with minified files but without md files. Would have to scan this list with regex, which is not my favourite tool. Anyway, would be my problem

    Is there an better option ?


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