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  • Hi,
    let me renew the "Pico power consumption" issue.

    I have Espruino Pico v1.4 (fw 2v01) and tried to reach as less consumption as possible using LiPol 3.7V 1100mAh.

    My code and test results:

    // test 1.1: **~460uA**
    // test 2.1: **~500uA**
    setInterval(function() {}, 5000);
    // test 3.1: **~400uA**
    setInterval(function() {
      digitalWrite(LED1, 1);
      setTimeout(function () {
        digitalWrite(LED1, 0);
      }, 20);
    }, 5000);

    Unfortunately, no pins are grounded.

    Could you tell me, how is grounding important for this issue? What can be suggested else to reduce consumption?

    In fact, "pin grounding" is not good for me. Because entire B3-B7, A8 are linked with InAir9b module.

  • Hi,
    Just to mention that the schematics show 100 ohms resistor in series with each led.
    So, in your test 3, 20 ms on every 5000 ms should give us: 20 ms / 5000 ms*(3.3v-voltage drop of led) / 100 ohm.
    If we assume a voltage drop of 0,7v we get 0.104 mA for lighting the sole led1 20'ms every 5000 ms.
    That said, the way you connect your battery could keep usb drivers awaken and trying to detect some data connection. This is just an hypothesis 🤔

    I am very interested with this kind of problem too... Keep us informed of your results 😓


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