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  • As mentioned in another chat, I'm just restarting a project to create specific firmware for Espruino.
    It's in early state and will take some time.
    Create specific firmware means

    • you only need a browser, no development tools on your computer
    • select board
    • set/unset definitions like USE_BLUETOOTH or USE_GRAPHICS
    • remove functions, you don't need. Like eval to give an example
    • add JS modules to firmware, Gordon already does this for some boards
    • add your own source files (c-filesand h-files)

    @Gordon already mentioned, that support of c-files opens a door for security issues.
    AFAIK, these are mainly security issues for the server. One example is the use of
    #include "/usr/passwd" in C-source
    Ideas to bypass this problems are

    • build my own scanner to recognize
    • search the internet for scanners
    • load sources only from "secure github sites"
    • remove the option for adding c sources, in my eyes the worst option

    Please give comments/feedback/experience
    Hopefully somebody has some knowledge around this.


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