• 'Maybe try a webserver on your local PC?'

    I have xampp already installed, so I'll try that. It's a constant battle trying to decide which balance of time use will work in the long run, e.g. remote GitHub vs local server vs close and re-open IDE. Living with the sequence in Edit 2 of #21 for now, as opposed to file copying test modules to the xampp file structure or u/l to GitHub.

    ' but so do hard disks' (fail)

    From twenty to ten years ago, I've personally had two Western Digital and one Seagate go the dreadful 'Click' death, along with a Dell laptop five years ago. For full size HD's, get near or above (twenty yr ago rating method) the 10,000 hr MTBF mileage, but for laptops, only 5000 hrs of use. The reason for a laptop purchase (which most likely will be SSD) (I'm at 3000 now) on the horizon. ;-)

    Note that 8hr/dy is 2920hr/yr and 10,000hr is 3.4yrs

    Interesting read:


    Mfg MTBF is now a cumulative (as I was curious why figures are now ten+ times higher) reported figure, and SSD's close to HD this day and age.


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