• Wed 2019.01.23

    '. . . this out of thousands of Web IDE users'

    It would be interesting to know how many of those individuals are developing modules that have at least 30K byte source file size. Or for that matter how many even develop modules. My guess is only a handful.

    '. . . put your modules online'

    Nice if they didn't need development. Trying to develop smaller functions using the IDE editor, then move them to the module. That would reduce the need to upload to a remote server, each time to test.

    'time to upgrade to an SSD?'

    Out of the two users I know have a 1T SSD, one failed losing everything, just after six months of use. At a 50% failure rate (of those I know), I'll hold off for a bit. But a PC is in the budget for later this year.


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