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  • Hi, this is an old thread, however, I face some difficulties with the WebIde as a Chrome application and just the
    Here are what they are:
    a- In the WebIde settings>Communications, I have to reselect the last option "Set current time" each time the WedIde is restarted from Android. It seems, it is not saved in this configuration.
    b- The "Project directory for sandbox" button in Settings>Project doesn't display any select box.
    It gets darker a few 1/10 of a second each time i press it. Again that's on Android through the Chrome application and the web served ide
    c- Saving (disquette button) displays a disturbing "download" message and doesn't let me choose the file name. I get a code(some number).js file in my download directory.

    My Android version is 7.0.

    I was wondering if there could be some "hidden setting" to properly setup in Chrome?

    Thanks for your attention.


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