• Hi there !

    I finally took the time to write a "little" helper after digging stuff online & not finding exactly what I was after ..

    .. "tadaa": https://github.com/stephaneAG/EAGLE-stuf­f/blob/master/Protographer/README.MD

    The above, while not yet supporting "pads", was indeed quite useful to quickly draw stuff Eagle side :)

    The below image shows the footprints created by it ( the one with the pads had the pads added manually )

    I'll have to add the needed buttons to the schematic ( as well as battery charging & cie ) & the footprint for an HC-05 & an XS3868

    For the uC part, I guess I'll prepare a "breakout" embedding all the necessary & then provide declinations offering different uC pins ( or the pads for directly soldering a uC - I wonder if I'll be precise enough to solder some SMD parts, since I only practiced that while switching memory ICs on ESP8266 :| .. so wayyy not confident on drag soldering a stm32f407VGT6 myself .. ;p )

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