• Believe me, the world is absolutely crazy.
    First of all, its much faster, I've been down close to 10 ms.
    Bad news, upper 16 rows are always green and lower 16 rows are white.
    Whatever I tried, there was no way to get this running. Even hardcode the colour did not help.

    After a lot of frustration, I went back to setting pins with jshPinSetValue, and surprise surprise, now it works.
    Looks to me like having a timing problem.
    Good news is, time for scan is 13 ms now, which is still really fast.
    What we don't have is brightness. Line 16 and 32 are much brighter than others.
    And brightness is flickering.
    This also looks like a timing problem.

    Anyway, my next step will be to create a graphics driver, using Graphics.createCallback to get rid of prep step.


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