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    Thanks for the links.

    I started with espruino/js last March to build my final year project course in industrial automation. It had mqtt and node-red plus some hardware access in the espruino side.

    The goal is to build over tinydash by Gordon and be able to edit JSON data of a bigger system that is not connected to the internet. For now I have only clues of how to proceed... from scratch drawing on the canvas or chrome web-kit or something else?

    Two of the widgets would be 2d table edit and 3d plot.

    I´ve done it in VB6 long time ago and I remember that gradient filling was slow.

    VS code is my choice over notepad because of the syntax highlight and variable completion.

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    re: 'VS code is my choice over notepad'

    To clarify, as I'm not sure if this were an omission, not Windows notepad but



    Long time user of VS Express since late 90's to VS.DotNet ~2012 but dumped mid 2000's for Notepad++ for easier use with web languages.

    'For now I have only clues of how to proceed'

    As did Edison as he discovered his 10,000 ways that wouldn't work. You are on the right track with the JSON data transfer concept, and it sounds like a fun and exciting project. It is unfortunate that others haven't yet indicated if they are users of TinyDash to give some words of encouragement.


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