• Ah so originally when I wanted to use the 'gsap' module, I thought I'd install it in the modules folder that was created by the sandbox project thingy. To do this all you need to do (as long as you have nodejs installed of course) is:

    npm install gsap

    This creates the 'node_modules' folder with another folder called gsap inside, inside this is all the files associated with the gsap module.

    Then in node at least, you just require it and off you go...

    What I hadn't realised (but do now after reading the forums) is that there was a beta NPM setup but that was dropped, possibly unrelated to my issue anyway (I'm digressing here) but I thought maybe the Espruino expected local modules to reside in a 'node_modules' folder, but it doesn't.

    Hope that clears up any confusion I've caused?

  • Hope that clears up any confusion I've caused?

    Yep, thanks, it does for me, no confusion on your part. Ahhhh, now we have the needed missing bit of information. I also, at some distant time past, installed NPM. So, maybe there is a conflict with the IDE somehow, relative pathing when using modules. Food for thought @Gordon, and yet another item to add to your all ready lengthening to do list . . . see #8 #2 response


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