• Sun 2018.10.14

    Please post the following:

    What PC and OS is the IDE running on?

    What is the version of IDE? native or Chrome? Settings >> About

    Version of Espruino? process.env

    Are you using an SD card?

    File Path to the sandbox folder? Settings >> Project

    Your technique and syntax appears fine.

    I'm sure this is your case as was explained, but just in case:
    Verify the module 'gsap.js' is in a sister 'modules' folder adjacent to the code file in the 'projects' folder. Both children of the sandbox parent folder.

    I ran into a similar issue on Windows10 and played with this for quite a while before finding a solution. See #19


    FYI @Gordon, here is another user with a 'node_folders' folder see #17 #15 in above link, and #19 for 'tilde' reference response to #17


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