• ...any ...x - linux and unix have a fight with any win / ms... or vice versa. More the latter, because the
    x-thinking was before the win / ms thinking:

    • ~ is your home folder in linux / unix
    • - Documents is your home folder for documents in win

    Unfortunately, win has multiple homes, so it does not really know where home is... it is different for different file types (or content types)... a simplification and one less path switch for win users, but a total loss - not win - for everything else in win.

    (last but not least, this is historically, because win came out of a single user, stand alone system... where as linux / unix was built multi-user from the beginning... and not only that, multi-user, multi access level (user, group, world). Win has somehow caught up with that during its life time.

    Bringing both in sync and hide the differences where they do not - and more so - should really matter - aka Espruino - is not a simple task... Especially in the browser, that should not expose anything about the underlaying world.


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