• @Robin, it looks like your sandbox is not really set... because it goes obviously only for remote... I know that in Win (and depending on settings on Mac) upper/lower may or may not matter... so checking for casing is good. It matters where you store the modules, but only relative to the setting of the sandbox. If the IDE settings for sandbox is


    then the modules folder has to be at


    In other words, modules locally are always found in modules folder in sandbox folder, and of course, the module has to have an extension that shows in the list in the settings. That your module is not found at espruino.com/modules - hence the 404 - is obvious, but that it does then not find it in local - assuming the settings are correct and match the directory path of the modules - is not known to me...

    Btw, I'm not sure about forwards slash (/) and backward slash - backslash () for modules separator...

    What are your settings of:

      • Module URL
      • Module Extensions
      • Sandbox directory

    What is your internet connection? - mobile (Phone Data, G?) or other?

    What is your sandbox folder hierarchy?

    What is running on your Win machine while you are uploading?

    What kind of firewall / antivirus / protection do you have running on your machine?

    What is the accesscontrol of the sandbox and its contained modules folder?

    @Gordon, is there a way to dump the Espruino IDE config as a JSON string?


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