• Playing w/ grandkids allows me to go back and be a kid again... now with things I could only have dreamt then... so it is Back to the future.

    Introducing one of my grandsons to STOKYS / Swiss-version of Meccano / Erector sets of metal as a next step after the wooden versions, 'we' built a basic train engine to run on garden train tracks (45mm / 1 3/4 - G - 1:24 since it models narrow gauge trains... LGB /accucrafthttp://www.accucraft.com/ )/ far-East knock-offs.

    Some scavenged Espruino code from a previous project of a classic / retro sheet metal robot - not yet published - made it moveable... as you can see in the attached shot and clips... The step indicator lights of the driver can be used as the fire box glow of a real steam engine... especially when it is (backing) slow...

    The motorization is just a simple-got-going and not adequate yet in regard of speed... also the efficiency is questionable: first a reduction gear as built into the stepper and after that a boost gear... but never mind, it made the show - ...show-up. In a follow-up post I present more details...

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