• Heh - well Gordon, there's your answer about demand for protoboard-integrated development boards. Can't even give the damned things away.

    People are weird , they just don't recognize value nowadays.

  • Wed 2018.08.22

    'People are weird , they just don't recognize value nowadays.'

    Your target market is the younger crowd that has soldering skills, along with the desire to build stuff. I could see that back in the 70's-80's Technology has changed all that, hasn't it. Now that generation in on their cell phone substitute for other intellectual activities. It is also the last month(s) of summer and we had a late start here this year. Most, . . . as am I, are enjoying the last of the dying temps outdoors before the dread of a dreary winter hibernation.

    Try again after school starts, mid-term and the students have projects to complete before winter break. And/or try again in Jan-Feb when we are all stuck inside.

    That's how I see it, here in the mid-west USA


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