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    We are getting a nonzero range in the IDE, the bias from the DC pin on microphone is reading an output of 0.75v(according the hardware doc it should read 0.67v on 3.3v) I have it connected to the USBV of the espruino(could this be the problem?) it is being supplied 4.88v. Say we take this output and write it to a .raw file on an SD card(already setup with e.connectSDcard and correct pinout). How will I then get it to output the voice recording through the small two wire headphone also connected to the Espruino Wifi, Is this were I would utilize PWM?(the hardware speaker was checked for functionality using the buzzer from the making sounds and music tutorial provided by espruino and functions properly)

    Hardware Link: https://www.adafruit.com/product/2716


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