• PapaTech,

    re: 'to install more onto my Windows 10 PC to make this work'

    More for information purposes here,

    I had a Win10 PC that was supposed to be Bluetooth compatible, but in order to get communications going with the Puck, I eventually had to pick up a Bluetooth BLE dongle as the docs indicate to get that to work. Hope that's not too much of a Buzz-Kill should the same issue occur with the PC the native IDE is installed on.

    See: 'Requirements' heading 'For Bluetooth LE you need a . . . '

    'Tutorials' heading for a few quick start projects

    Thanks for the 'EspruinoHub' link, should have used Google and removed the whitespace before the local search!!

    After a quick perusal, that content is more Pi specific and I'm not going to be able to assist there. Remember I did start out #2 with "Although I'm not able to provide insight using the Pi . . ."

    Was hoping someone with Pi experience would have chimed in by now, but may have to wait until the heavy hitters are around earlier in the week.

    Looks like you have a fun, but a bit of challenge project ahead of you. I wish you success, with a bit of patience, of course.


  • Robin,
    I have a blinking Puck!!!! Using the Standalone IDE and pairing the puck to my pc it comes up and works. Thanks for getting me to that point!

    Now at least I can play around a little bit and then hopefully figure out the Rasp Pi usage next week.

    Now if I could just figure out how to make it stop blinking... ;-)

    Thanks for all your help.


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