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  • @Robin, ddddohhh!..
    copy-pasted w/o changing the 255 to 0...


    1st, I wonder if code was saved before disconnect from IDE and before reconnect w/ bat in batIn. I'm not sure if that matters or not... powering conflict. 2nd, the write should be in the onInit() function that fires on power up. write() is a dynamic thing... pulses of different length over a particular time.

    If you want test it connected to the IDE, do NOT connect the Bat+ to Espruino; just connect it to the LED strip; BUT note that the Bat- HAS to be connected to GND of Espruino AND neg- of LED strip at all times.

    ...and btw., a pic of your setup and bit amore about the steps you did / do, would be of great help to support you.


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