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  • Ok, so today is the day my Arduino adaptors came so I've been testing some of the basic components. So far I can control the LED, I can sound the Buzzer (currently just setting it to high, but will figure out PWMing it later). I've also tested all the buttons which seem to work too (apart from I forgot pin C3 on my arduino shield so had to solder a wire across).

    A couple of questions then. If I want to watch all the buttons, do I setup watches on all the pins? or is there a way to watch multiple pins and determine which one was triggered? Also, should I be setting the pinMode myself? or will watching the pins just be enough? if I do set the pinMode, what input mode would I need (I still never quote get when to pullup or pulldown)?

    The last "simple" component to test is the light sensor. If I understand this forum post correctly, does this mean I'm not able to watch the pin for changes? rather would need to setInterval and check the value periodically? Probably not a big deal if I do, as power preservation won't be key.

    Cheers guys