• Hi, I am trying to install Espruino on stm32f100 chip and use it in my DIY nixie clock project. I found that STM32VLDISCOVERY board is based on the exact same chip. I used it's firmware and flashed it on my chip using JTAG programmer (made from a raspberry pi + openOCD). The programmer says that the firmware is flashed successfully, but when I connect to the chip's uart with minicom -o -b 9600 -D /dev/ttyAMA0 i get nothing. There is no Espruino console.

    Here is how my wiring looks like:

    Here is what I had tried:
    1) Checked my wiring (I tried it in multiple ways. I also tried to connect to my MacBook using USB-TTL dongle, I can see the dongle from Espruino ide, but it cannot connect to the chip)
    2) I followed this forum post
    3) I made a custom build based on STM32VLDISCOVERY and changed the package to LQFP48 to match my chip

    I also found some weird behavior.
    In boards/STM32VLDISCOVERY.py in devices section, there are JTAG pins defined

    'JTAG' : {
            'pin_MS' : 'A13',
            'pin_CK' : 'A14',
            'pin_DI' : 'A15'

    But after flashing the programmer can't connect to the chip again without "connect under reset" procedure, which means that this pins have been overwritten.

    Any clues will be appreciated


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