• As many of you know, I sell circuit boards on Tindie, and I very much like boards with integrated prototyping board. I recently had a project I planned to use with an Espruino Board, but I found that the Espruino Board on the previous version of the board had been beat up enough in terms of things being soldered straight onto the board (and back in those days, my technical skills weren't where they are now), and I realized it would be really nice to have a version where the prototyping area was larger, with mouting holes, and that sort of thing.

    This is the result:

    It's a direct ripoff of the Espruino Board, plus added protoboard (it matches the footprint of my other 2"x4" protoboard)- circuit is nearly identical - I made a couple of changes:

    • Different buttons.
    • SOT-223 regulator instead of that itty bitty one Gordon used (ZLDO1117 3.3v reg - ZLDO is the best series of 1117s, particularly in terms of quiescent current).
    • No bluetooth footprint.
    • C14 not broken out to a pin (I couldn't route it, and I use the crystal anyway)
    • ESP-01M footprint - much less board space than ESP-12.
    • D-spec instead of C-spec STM32F103 (RCT was out of stock anyway).
    • Changes to part packages for easier hand assembly.

    I've also successfully gotten Espruino building for it (it "just worked" - mad props to Gordon et. al. for the provisioning script).

    I may eventually start selling these on Tindie - as of now, I'm not planning to sell them (if any active posters are particularly interested in something like this, I could mail out a few, let me know). Just wanted to share some pics at this point, and express my amazement with how easy it was to build working Espruino firmware.

    Oddly enough, uploading it the first time has been the hardest part. I've been unable to make it upload from my Linux system at home, and it's been flaky on my windows system - sometimes it will upload at 57600 baud, othertimes it won't upload, no matter what I do.

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