• Hi,

    I need to use WIFI and have an original espruino and an esp32 lying board around. Eventually will just get an espruino WIFI, but seems like fun to tinker using the esp32 as the wifi 'board' so I did :)

    So the strategy I have in mind is connecting the two via serial have them communicate that way. Tried the simple loopback test and seemed to work fine. With the actual connection I'm getting garbage character most of the time.

    on ESP32:

    setInterval(function(){ Serial2.send("Hello from ESP32")},1000);

    On Espruino:

    Serial4.on('data', function (data) { print("<Serial4> "+data); });


    <Serial4> ª
    <Serial4> µ
    <Serial4> l
    <Serial4> o
    <Serial4> f
    <Serial4> v
    <Serial4> m
    <Serial4> E
    <Serial4> S
    <Serial4> P
    <Serial4> 3
    <Serial4> 2

    Is there anything different I need to do? Thanks!


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