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  • Yeah, i was hoping, as a UX designer, this was a 'data cleanup' job. However, as I've played with this a further, it's clear a fairly complex programming task with two separate tasks:

    1. The vectors can't increase in size due to ram limits
    2. The rendering code appears to round poorly

    A quick fix would be to try smaller 'angular vector' replacement. It would be ugly but at least clean(er). The rounding code appears like a slippery slope problem. My guess would be to render pixels to a greyscale value for edge cases and test clamping to Black/White pixels to various values.

    Sorry for the noob question but is there is page detailing how to build the Espruino core and how best to download it to the device? I appreciate this is a dawdle for you but as someone drawn to the Espruino due to it's ease of programming, "replacing the image" feels like a big step!


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