• In a very early state I found a way to switch BLE on or off under testing.
    Workflow right now is like this

    • added an ESP32 specific command (ESP32enableBLE(mode);)
    • this functions stores a flag in Flash (in the moment partition free)
    • HWreset the board
    • during startup, read the flag from Flash, and according to that init BLE, or not
      Results in my test environment is heap of 103388 to 74252.
      This would be around 2000 additional jsVars, if BLE is not used

    Before making this nicer, better tested etc, I've some questions

    1. Should we use partition free, or is there a better place ?
    2. Do we need a message during startup, that BLE is disabled ?
    3. Is there a way to make NRF, Bluetooth and others inactive, so they cannot be called by accident ?
    4. Is there an option to use of HWReset ?
    5. some other questions, not comin to my mind right now ;-)
    6. what should be default setting, with or without BLE ?

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