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  • Maybe not quite a problem with the screen but strange behavior. I can not download three of my own modules. Two can, and the third one, it does not matter which one - does not load.
    And a weird message in the console:


    • my-gpio-expander requires []
      [notify_info] No error. Minified 1109 bytes to 671 bytes.
    • my-at requires []
      [notify_info] No error. Minified 5452 bytes to 1685 bytes.
      Searching for modules/my-atsms.min.js
      modules/my-atsms.min.js not found in offline archive
      ERROR: Found module, but search took too long.
      ERROR: getURL("­s.min.js") error : Not Found
      Searching for modules/my-atsms.js
      modules/my-atsms.js not found in offline archive
      ERROR: getURL("­s.js") error : Not Found
      WARNING: [notify_warn] Module my-atsms not found
      Found a prompt... great!
      >>> Sending...

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