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  • Hi @Gordon,
    The app runs on puck-js and/or ruuvitag. I'm using the nRF52DK (loaded with the espruino 1v94 build) because Nordic's profiling provides good/accurate measures. I hope to eventually turn the application into embedded code, but am using espruino as a proof of concept. So far, it is working well enough that it can take us a long way (thank you!).
    The DK itself doesn't keep the serial port on unless that build of espruino is different, but you've definitely given me another area to look at. If I add


    to my code, will that turn off the oscillator? I'll also take another look at how that port is wired up.
    I've also discovered that I may not have configured a jumper correctly and may have an additional diode of leakage from the boards.

    Tricky stuff, measuring current in these small amounts.

    I totally understand and respect the consulting issue; I consult as well. Definitely push back if I cross that boundary. Right now I'm just trying to figure out how to get a better feel for power consumption than I could by wiring up a puck-js device. The better I can get the power consumption numbers, the more devices we will buy before we need to go to embedded code.

    We've purchased quite a few devices and I personally/professionally recommend all of the espruino devices quite often. I'm a big fan & supporter.


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