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  • @Gordon, amazing L_ E__ A____ P________ S!

    ...can we soon expect also the version number to leap to 2.0+? - A minor > 100 and all the major steps that Espruino made since the 50' I'm with it, 2.0 is more than justified. If you are worried that 2.0 will invalidate dwarf 1.0, it does not: 2.0 is still true to the version 1.0 paradigm shift of making IoT accessible as count to 3 while leaping ahead in front of everything else available with its introduction of event drivenness: Espruino *makes* IoT as easy as 1 2 3! ...

    Espruino *is* IoT as easy as 1 2 3!

    @DrAzzy, can sh.t ever be good?... I don't think so... but I guesss I understand what you want to say: good things should 'hit as hard as' - or even harder as - the real sh.t does when it hits the fan (of a jet engine... not just a house fan).

    You can now overwrite Puck.js's memory protection with E.setFlags so you can write wherever you want

    ...expecially the ...wherever you want and send it to puck nirwana... final olympic hockey goal/score! ...Stanley Cup?


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