• Yes, have a couple of the Heltec boards with Lora 868/915 and one with just the Wifi Kit.

    Espruino generally works very well. With connected sensors, power sensitivity seems pretty fussy at times so see more reboots than I was expecting but otherwise able to get OLED, Lora, WiFi client all working well.

    Support for Wifi Base, Bluetooth and ESPNow are not yet functional as far as I can see.

    Example to use OLED:

     I2C1.setup({ scl: D15, sda: D4 });
     var g = require("SSD1306").connect(I2C1, startLogo, { rst: D16 });
  • Can U paste here, the lora connection code too? The oled is working for me. (but wifi connection is not with espruino version espruino 1v95)

    this is what is not working for me:

    SPI1.setup({ sck:D5, mosi:D27, miso: D19 });
    var sx = require("SX127x").connect({spi: SPI1, cs: D18, rst : D14 });
    setInterval(function() { sx.onIRQ(); }, 100);
    var config = {
      rxContinuous : true,
      bandwidth: 2
    // enter receive mode
    sx.rx(function(err, inf) {
      // Error, or you get signal strength and data returned in an object
      if (err) console.log("RX ERROR");
      else console.log("RX>",inf);
    // after a while, stop receiving
    setTimeout(function() {
    }, 10000);
    sx.send("Hello", function() {
      console.log("TX done");
  • Can u post here a lora example?


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